E-Business 2.0 Roadmap for Success: P3 CRM


This chapter ( CRM):

–Clarify the concept of multi-channel organization
–Discuss apps supporting customer-focused business model
–Discuss how marketing practices and systems must be reworked to support ecommerce environment

Service levels on the Web today often leave a lot to be desired. As buyers jump from site to site — only to ultimately abandon the shopping cart without buying anything from anyone — revenues slip away.

Mo hinh chuc nang CRM

Mo hinh chuc nang CRM

Defining CRM:

Integrated sales, marketing, and service strategy

–precludes lone showmanship
–depends on coordinated enterprise-wide actions

CRM software suite

–Helps better manage customer relationships by tracking customer interactions of all types
–Automates selling and customer service cycle
•direct-mail marketing campaigns, telemarketing, telesales, lead qualification, response mgmt, lead tracking, opportunity mgmt, quotes and order configuration



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