E-Business 2.0 Roadmap for Success: P4 Selling-Chain Management


Selling chain management (SeCM) an app framework that helps sell better and more effectively across all channels

–establishes linkages between previously disconnected sales functions within a company and sales processes

Can enable new revenue channels while simultaneously improving effectiveness of a company’s existing channels

selling chain management

selling chain management

Goals of Selling Chain Management business strategy

–Engage your prospects, and turn them into customers
–Make ordering process easy for the customer
–Add value for the customer
–Make it easy to order customized products
–Increase sales force effectiveness
–Coordinate team selling
Business Forces Driving SeCM
•The rise of the self-service order
•The excessive cost of presales technical support
•The increasing cost of order errors
•The proliferation of channels
•The increasing complexity of products
•The rise of deregulation and M&As
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